Since 1910 - Dolle's Popcorn, Candies, and Salt Water Taffy
Since 1910 - Dolle's Popcorn, Candies, and Salt Water Taffy
Since 1910 - Dolle's Popcorn, Candies, and Salt Water Taffy
Celebrating 100 Years

Since 1910 - Dolle's Popcorn, Candies, and Salt Water Taffy

Ocean City, Maryland's Original Candymakers since 1910

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Dolle's History

Company Photo - Summer, 2009

In 1906, native New Yorker and carousel builder Rudolph Dolle and his wife, Amelia visited the up - and - coming seaside resort of Ocean City, Maryland. Four years later, they returned to Ocean City to open an amusement business near the corner of Wicomico Street and the Boardwalk. In 1910, Mr. Dolle was given the opportunity to purchase a fledgling salt water taffy business which was located next to his hand carved family carousel, and an eastern shore tradition was born.

The Dolle family has been making quality salt water taffy, caramel corn and other fine candies since 1910. back then, the salt water taffy was cooked in small copper kettles, cooled on marble slabs, and pulled by hand on large hooks. It was cut into small pieces with scissors and then wrapped by hand in wax paper. The cost: 37¢ per pound or three pounds for one dollar! Over the years the manufacturing process has changed dramatically. The candy is now cooked in large copper kettles and cooled on stainless steel, water jacketed tables. It is then machine pulled and wrapped on high speed wrapping machines which produce up to 650 pieces per minute! Our salt water taffy is still manufactured at our plant on Wicomico Street and sold at our store at the same location.